Recoil Rifle Slings has always taken great pride in customizing all of its products for our customers.  The two most common methods of customizing our slings is by paracord color/pattern selection, and through custom stitching.  You’ll see below all of the current paracord colors and styles, along with all of our current thread colors used in stitching.  If you’re stuck and need an idea for your stitching, or you want to see if we already have something you want as part of your item’s stitching, take a look at part of our stitching catalog below.


Recoil currently carries 34 different colors and patterns of Paracord in stock.  All of our slings and other handmade, braided products, can use any single color or pattern of Paracord, or combination of two different colors or patterns of Paracord in their design. Due to the design of Recoil’s weaves, the use of more than two colors of Paracord makes for a less than appealing look on our products overall, and a stiff uncomfortable feeling sling.  For this reason, we have limited the color and pattern selection to two on all our handmade and braided products.  As a special option on all our slings, “blood stripes” or side stripes may be added in the weave that look similar to pant leg officer’s stripes.  Also, a center stripe may be added to either front, back, or both sides of your sling that looks similar to a car’s racing stripes.

Some customers don’t find the color, or pattern they are looking for in their product’s construction.  If it is made, and is of the same quality or higher  quality of that Recoil already uses we’ll get it.  Please note, however, there may be additional costs incurred on Paracord we don’t normally carry as we buy our stock colors and patterns in bulk, and not in small amounts such as a special request color would be done.  Paracord of a lower quality, even if available, is discouraged by Recoil due to issues regarding colorfast, durability, and reliability.  We do warranty our products and do not wish to give you a product we wouldn’t stand behind.

Take a look at our selection of colors and patterns to the left to see what we currently have.  We have added about one color a year for the past few years, so you never know, we may have added another color since you last took a look.

Thread Colors

Recoil currently carries 43 different colors of thread to choose from for your custom stitch work.  Every color of Paracord we carry can be matched with our threads and then some.  If you have a custom logo you’d like, we can get it done in the colors you want from fluorescent orange to black.  Still not seeing a specific color you’re wanting?  We can get it no problem.  Check out our chart of current colors we carry above, we’ve labeled them by ISACORD’s color numbers.

Stripes and Borders

On the Endcaps (the covers on the ends of our sling’s weaves), there are typically no stripes, or borders and are left the color of the material used.  In some instances, such as with the armed forces special edition slings, stripes or borders are desired by the customer.  These require not only additional stitching, but also additional sewing not normally done for Endcaps.  If these are desired, never fear, they are part of the $20 additional fee for custom stitching.  If you are going all out with custom logos, or are wanting an armed forces edition sling they’ll already be covered!

Custom Stitching

Custom stitching for any logo not already in our system costs an additional $20, but that covers any and all custom stitching done on your sling over and above that as well.  If you’re going to want some custom stitching that costs extra, go all out!  Motto’s, Names, or Badge Numbers will be a custom stitching fee, unless they’re in our system already.  Rest assured our library of logos and names grows monthly.  Not sure if the logo you’re wanting is in our system already?  Check out our logo charts above, but as always, give us a call or shoot us an email if you’d like to see what we’ve added new that’s not on the website yet.   ***Please note*** We do carry all rank insignia, but there’s so many, we just didn’t have room!  Also, if the logo used is requested to be kept personal, or is copyrighted to the individual ordering it, we will not list them in our online logo lists but they remain in our library for future stitching for those individuals or for use with their permission.