Our connectors and adapters are provided to us by major manufacturers right here in the United States of America. Magpul, Barrett, Winchester and the like have made us one of their many distributors and we can incorporate their products into your custom, veteran made slings. Manganese-phosphate finished steel is used in the Magpul and Barrett parts that we use. This helps in the durability of these parts and is why your sling will provide you with many years of service.  This is also why we stand behind our statement that our slings will fit any rifle.


No matter the attachment points you have on your weapon, we have the connectors for your slings to make them attach properly.  The connectors we carry in stock include Paraclip (single and 2-2-1 styles), QD Push Pins (single, 2-2-1, and Quick-Disconnect Swivel), Winchester Rifle Style Swivel, Quick Release “Old Style”, and Snap Shackle.  Have an old or antique gun you don’t want to put modern mounts on?  We can provide your sling to you with webbing, “strapping”, only so you can thread and buckle our strap through your existing hoops.  Have a specialty custom gun with non-standard mounts? Just let us know what type you have and we can get you the connectors for it.


Have a shotgun with an attachment point on the butt, but not on the end of the tube? Have a rail setup on your rifle, but don’t have an attachment point built in? All setup for Paraclip attachments but want to switch over to QD Push Pin? Want to convert from QD Push Pin to Paraclip? Don’t have any attachment points on your rifle at all? The adapters we carry in stock include QD Rail Sling adapters, Paraclip Rail Sling adapters, Receiver Sling Mounts, Shotgun Sling Mount adapters, M-Lok Sling Mount adapters, Mashook’s, and many more. We’ve got what you need or can get it for you!

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