Many of you have probably never needed to know how to measure for a sling, most slings are universally sized for ease of mass production. We’ve made the chart to the left showing the ways to measure yourself for our slings.

When ordering for a Diamond Back Pro, or a Big Mamba, you measure the same way. Begin where your firearm attaches to the sling near the barrel. Where this spot would rest against your back is your beginning point. With a tape measure, hold one end at this point and drape it down your front and pull back gently to where your sling would meet your gun stock would attach to your sling. This will be your measurement in inches that will be entered when you order.

When ordering for a Viper 2-2-1, your beginning point is at the sternum. Wrap the measuring tape over your shoulder from this point, and around the your back on the opposite side. Bring the end of the measuring tape around your side and back to your sternum. This will be your measurement in inches that will be entered when you order.

PLEASE NOTE: For law enforcement, military, and all other customers who may be wearing flack vests, body armor, or thick utility vests with our slings. We advise either measuring with your gear on, or adding 2-3″ to your measurement for proper fitting of your sling. All of our slings are adjustable, however, to allow the maximum range of adjustability in your sling with any type of equipment on, it is best to account for it. Usually there is approximately 3-4 inches of adjustment either up or down in size on our slings. While this is enough range for the average user to adjust out on the rare occasion they will be wearing gear under their sling, someone who as a regular course of using this sling will be wearing gear under it will be glad of the extra space.

And remember, if you get too large, or lose too much weigh for your sling to fit properly, just send it in with your new measurements.  We can add to, or take away whatever is needed to make it fit again.