Recoil makes many items other than rifle slings, including custom woven items on a case by case basis.  While some items, such as our apparel and other select items, are not made by the Veterans at Recoil, they are made by other locally based Veteran owned and operated companies.  Take a look below to see some of our other products, or check out our store to see everything.  Have something you’d like made but not sure if it’s up our alley?  Go to our contact page and leave us a message, we’ll get back in touch!


Used by many people recently to keep track of everything from Land Rover’s to car keys and children, Tile is now an available add on to all of Recoil’s handmade products.   We’ll incorporate a hook and loom pouch into your item for stowing your tile out of sight.  If it’s stolen, lost, etc. you’ll be able to find your sling, and hopefully the weapon attached to it!  We do not sell them individually, but they are in the options available on every sling we make.

See what Tile has to say about themselves here.


Recoil has been designing and developing custom Jeep handles for several years now.  A great alternative to welding handles in your frames.  Eventually you’ll wish you could move them quickly and easily to a new spot, with our’s it’s no problem.  Weld your new handles on in the summer while you had your top off, it won’t fit now unless you grind them off… Not a problem with ours, just move them.  Want to proclaim your team allegiance? Want your handles to match your paint scheme?  Our Handles are just like our slings, over 1,000 different combinations of paracord colors to choose from, and custom stitching is also an option.

We work with our customers as we develop all of our products, including our Jeep handles.  If these don’t work right for you, or you see a change that will make your handles better suited to your use let us know.  We’ve had customer’s send their handles back in to be modified with longer straps for super thick roll bars, locking clips to prevent the handles slipping on smaller roll bars.  Customer service is important to us, and so is a quality product that will last and work the way you want it to.  If you have us modify yours, let us know how it works out, your modification might become a standard feature!



We have out T-shirts printed by our favorite local printer, Great Goodies, LLC.  They’re comfy and stylish.  Long sleeve or short sleeve, they both look great with our hats.  We’ve got a variety of colors in different sleeve lengths, check and see if there’s something you like!



Tough 3″ x 2″ raised vinyl patches embossed with the Recoil Snake.  With a hook and loom attachment backing, and the mating side ready to be stitched on, this patch would look great on your gun bag, backpack, or coat.  Since it’s hook and loom, why just put them on one thing?  If you have hook and loom sewn on a surface, this will stick to it.



Items under General Merchandise will be available via the online store soon.  For now all items are available by phone or email order.


Printed by our favorite local printer, Great Goodies, LLC.  These Totes come with Recoil’s Logo, and are handy for shopping, travelling, all kinds of things.



Finished and Laser Etched by two local veterans.  These Challenge Coin display plaques come finished for any thickness of coin sets that you need.  Custom laser etching available on all types.



Available with options similar to our slings, the Taipan is vet made by Recoil.  These self defense beauties may not be legal in your state or region.  Please check your local laws before ordering.



Recoil’s vets enjoy using our Vinyl cutter.  We carry Recoil Logo Vinyls in stock in a multitude of colors.  We also cut custom vinyls up to 20″ wide.  For custom vinyls contact us for pricing.