What emergency uses are your slings good for?

While you, and we, may cringe at the thought of needing to destroy one of Recoil’s beautiful slings, emergency situations do happen. There are some parts of our slings, other than the paracord, that can be used in emergency and survival situations.

All slings internal cores are secured with sinew (useful in stitching wounds), and wire (use your imagination on this one). There is also the internal core of our slings, which is a heavier duty cord than the paracord which makes up the weave of our slings. In instances where the paracord itself does not seem to be thick enough, or tough enough to do the job, the approximately 8 feet of heavy cord in your sling will probably do the job. Each sling also has two heavy duty steel rings with one at either end of the sling’s weave, and a sliding buckle for the adjustable webbing. These steel parts can be improvised into any number of useful aides in survival.

For a list of the emergency uses of paracord, please see that FAQ herein.